3397 Law and Ethics

Program Offered:

  • Minor in Law and Ethics

Department of Philosophy
16th floor, 25 Park Place Bldg.

Eddy Nahmias, Chair
Eric Wilson, Director of Undergraduate Studies
Andrew I. Cohen, Pre-Law Advisor

A study of the philosophy of the law can deepen our understanding of the proper foundations, limits, and applications of legal authority. Legal theorists often consider the meaning of legal doctrine but philosophers of law help to frame the ethical considerations that guide and constrain the law. The minor in law and ethics gives students the skills and knowledge needed for a critical assessment of law, especially in light of the principles of ethics and social values. The minor also improves argumentative, writing, and logical skills invaluable for law school and many other careers in legal fields. The minor in law and ethics is designed to be a complement to any major. Students with majors in the humanities or social sciences planning a career in law, public service, advocacy, or policy are particularly encouraged to consider the minor in law and ethics.

Program Degree Requirements

In addition to the Program Degree Requirements, students must fulfill the College of Arts and Sciences Degree Requirements (see section 3030) and the University Degree Requirements (see section 1400).

Minor in Law and Ethics

Complete 15 credit hours as follows:

  1. Required Courses (6 hours):
  2. Elective Courses (9 hours): Select at least two courses (6 hours) from the following:
  3. Select one more course (3 or 4 hours) either from the list below or from the list above.
    • AAS 4120 African-American Political Thought (3)
    • AAS 4550 Activism and the Black Freedom Movement (3)
    • AAS 4600 Enslavement and Resistance in North America (3)
    • AAS 4780 African-American Lesbian and Gay Activism (3)
    • CRJU: Any 3000- or 4000-level Criminal Justice course
    • ECON 4450 Law and Economics (3)
    • ENGL 3080 Persuasion – History, Theory, Practice (3)
    • ENGL 415 John Milton (3)
    • HIST 3900 Human Rights in Historical Perspective (3)
    • HIST 4450 History of Crime in America (4)
    • HIST 4460 Bill of Rights (4)
    • HIST 4470 The Founders’ Constitution (4)
    • HIST 4532 Crime, Law, and Society in Early Modern Europe (4)
    • LGLS: Any 3000- or 4000-level Legal Studies course
    • PMAP 4411 Introduction to the Law for Public and Nonprofit Managers (3)
    • POLS: Any 3000- or 4000-level Political Science course
    • RELS 4255 Religion, Race, Nation (3)
    • RELS 4650 Religion and Ethics (3)
    • SOCI 3224 Crime and Punishment (3)
    • SOCI 4218 Power and Politics (3)
    • SOCI 4366 Law and Society (3)
    • WGSS 4510 Feminist Political Theory (3)
    • WGSS 4760 Activism: History and Theory (3)
    • Other courses may count towards the Minor in Law and Ethics. However, these courses require advance approval of the Director of Undergraduate Studies in Philosophy. No courses will be approved after the mid-point of the semester of the course.