LIST 1101 Prerequisite: Exit or exemption from Learning Support reading or all ESL requirements except ENSL 0091
Credit Hours 3.0

This course is designed to provide both a historical
background to the development of modern libraries and
information services, and a sense of the scope of present
activities in the field. Students are introduced to the
various types of libraries, media centers, and learning
resource centers, and will contrast them with the concept of
the “Virtual Library.” The course will include such topics
as the role of the library technician in the delivery of
services, basic library terminology, an explanation of the
Library Bill of Rights and intellectual freedom, the role of
library associations on the local, state, and national
levels, and introduction to library journals and listservs
(both professional and paraprofessional).

LIST 1103 Prerequisite: LIST 1101
Credit Hours 3.0

This course serves as an introduction to the techniques of
ordering and receiving library materials in all formats for
library and information center technicians. Training
includes bibliographic verification, library bookkeeping,
preparation of order lists and purchase orders, and
communications with vendors. The course will address
knowledge of basic finding tools, e.g. Books in Print,
publishers’ catalogs, online resources, acquisitions
terminology, serials ordering, check-in, and claim

LIST 1105 Prerequisite: LIST 1101
Credit Hours 3.0

This course focuses on the paraprofessional’s public service
role in the changing environment of today’s libraries and
information centers. Topics will include basic informational
and reference services; information literacy, library
instruction; access services, including circulation systems;
stack maintenance; supervision and scheduling; library and
information center displays; security; and human relations

LIST 2002 Prerequisites: LIST 1101 and LIST 1105 This course introduces students to library services for children and youth
Credit Hours 3.0

Components include basic reference and
information assistance; basic selection and use of books and
electronic resources; audiovisual materials and equipment;
the Internet; censorship issues; programming and outreach;
and the skills necessary to serve children and youth in
today’s changing library environment.

LIST 2004 Prerequisite: LIST 1101
Credit Hours 3.0

This course introduces students to the skills they will need
to succeed as paraprofessionals in a public library
environment. Components include reference, circulation,
children’s services, and other areas unique to public
library settings, including outreach and literacy.

LIST 2005 Prerequisites: LIST 1101, LIST 1103, and LIST 1105
Credit Hours 3.0

This survey of computers in libraries will include
discussions of the use of computer-based systems in
libraries and information centers as well as “trouble-
shooting” hardware and software access. Specific
applications to be addressed include computer-based
literature searching, indexing, and circulation from the
perspective of computer applications.

LIST 2006 Prerequisite: LIST 1101
Credit Hours 3.0

This course is an introduction to library services in
academic libraries, from two-year institutions and community
colleges, to four-year and university libraries, and the
role of the paraprofessional within these various types of
academic libraries. The course will include an overview of
the history of academic libraries, academic library
management, including serials management, and academic
library services.

LIST 2009 Prerequisites: Completion of all LIST courses listed in the Professional Curriculum for the Library & Information Science Technology Program and at least 6 hours of LIST electives
Credit Hours 3.0

Practical experience of 10 hours per week of productive work
time spent in a working library situation. Prior to the
internship term, the Program Coordinator will arrange the
cooperation of participating institutions. Deviations from
these institutions will only be made at the discretion of
the Program Coordinator. Written assignments such as resume
preparation and job descriptions will be reviewed during
sessions with the course instructor.

LIST 2010 Prerequisites: LIST 1101 and LIST 1103
Credit Hours 3.0

This course will move beyond the introductory course on
Acquisitions and Technical Processing, a prerequisite, to a
more detailed examination of the cataloging and processing
of all types of materials, both print and non-print. The
course will emphasize online copy cataloging while also
addressing cataloging of unique materials in small libraries
and information centers, as well as indexing.

LIST 2014 Prerequisites: LIST 1101, LIST 1103, and LIST 1105
Credit Hours 2.0

This course focuses on varied types of special libraries
(law, health science, business, government, history, etc.)
and the role they play in facilitating the work of different
user groups within an organization. Research tools and
reference books specific to these unique libraries are
reviewed. Class field trips to local special libraries are

LIST 2015 Prerequisites: LIST 1101, LIST 1103, and LIST 1105
Credit Hours 2.0

Topics or areas of interest relating to the practice of
library and information science technology will be covered. Subjects vary depending upon demand and timeliness. This
course is intended for practicing Library Technicians (or