ENGR 1211 Engr Graphics & Design I
Credit Hours 3.0
Prerequisites Exit or exemption from ENGL 0999 or all ESL requirements except ENSL 0091 and MATH 1111 with a grade of C or better

Topics include the fundamentals of engineering
graphics and design, geometric construction,
the engineering design process, and drawing
composition with emphasis on industry practice.

ENGR 1212 Engr Graphics & Design Ii
Credit Hours 3.0
Prerequisites ENGR 1211 and MATH 1113, each with

A continuation of ENGR 1211, this course introduces
the principles of computer-assisted graphics
and engineering design, with emphasis on the
fundamentals of the design process. Integrates the
creation of multiview and orthographic drawings
with freehand sketching and two- and three-
dimensional modeling techniques, using industry
standard computer-assisted graphics and design
software. Orthographic and isometric projections,
auxiliary and section views, dimensioning and
tolerancing practices, holes, gears and threaded
fasteners are presented, focusing on engineering
models and manufacturing processes.

ENGR 1603 Introduction To Engineering
Credit Hours 3.0
Prerequisites MATH 1113

This course provides students with an overview of various
engineering disciplines to assist them in making
well-informed career choices in the profession. Key topics
include exploring the nature of the field and career
opportunities in civil, chemical, electrical, mechanical,
and other major disciplines; tools of technical
communication; recording and analyzing data; dimensional
analysis; computational techniques of approximate solutions;
and basic statistical tools for quality control.

ENGR 1671 Computing Fund
Credit Hours 3.0
Prerequisites CSCI 1300 or higher

For Engineers. This course introduces computing principles and programming
practices with an emphasis on the design, construction,
analysis, and implementation of algorithms in engineering
problem-solving using a high level programming language
appropriate to engineering.

ENGR 2040 Electric Circuit Analysis
Credit Hours 3.0
Prerequisites PHYS 2212 with a 'C' or better
Corequisites MATH 2652 with a 'C' or better

This course is an introduction to the analysis of
electrical circuits and networks. Topics include
resistive circuits, network topology, network
analysis, capacitive and inductive circuits, AC
circuits, AC power, time- and frequency-domain
analysis, mutual inductance, and one- and two-
port networks.

ENGR 2605 Statics
Credit Hours 3.0
Prerequisites PHYS 2211 and PHYS 2211L, each with a 'C' or better
Corequisites MATH 2432 with a 'C' or better

The principles of statics in two and three dimensions are
covered. Other topics are internal forces in trusses,
frames, machines, and continuous beams, dry friction, and
centroids or centers of mass of curves, areas, and volumes.

ENGR 2606 Dynamics
Credit Hours 3.0
Prerequisites ENGR 2605 and MATH 2432, each with a 'C' or better

Topics of study include kinematics and kinetics of rigid
bodies in plane motion.