3395 Latin American Studies

Program Offered:

  • Interdisciplinary Minor in Latin American Studies 

Minor Coordinator: Leslie Marsh (llmarsh@gsu.edu), World Languages and Cultures

Program Requirements:

The specific requirements for an interdisciplinary minor in Latin American Studies are as follows:

  • The minor course work must consist of 15 hours of classes with significant Latin American content with a GPA of 3.0.
  • These courses must be selected from at least three different departments and may not be from the major department.
  • Completion of credit for a Spanish or Portuguese language course sequence of at least four semesters or certification to a similar level by means of an examination administered by the Department of World Languages and Cultures.

The courses below will fulfill the specific requirements of the interdisciplinary minor in Latin American Studies.

  • AH 4669 Pre-Columbian Art (3)
  • AH 4660 Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Art in Latin America (3)
  • AH 4665 Latin American Avant-Gardes of the 1920s (3)
  • AH 4669 Art in Latin America I: 1900-1950 (3)
  • AH 4670 Art in Latin America II: 1950-2000 (3)
  • AH 4900 Special Studies Seminar (3)
  • AH 4980 Special Problems in Art History (3)
  • GEOG 4406 Advanced Regional Geography (3)
  • HIST 3600 The Caribbean World (topic: Comparative Cuba, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Trinidad) (3-4)
  • HIST 3620 Atlantic World (4)
  • HIST 4745 Modern Cuba (4)
  • POLS 4250 Latin American Politics (3)
  • SPAN 3395 Study Abroad / PSYC 4680 Special Topics in Psychology (topic: Argentina- Human Rights in Argentina: From Dictatorship to Democracy (1976-Today) (3)
  • SPAN 4454 Literature of Social and Political Conflict in Latin America (in Spanish) (3)
  • SPAN 4456 Tales of Love, Madness, and Death (in Spanish) (3)
  • SPAN 4467 Latin American and Latino Film and Video (3)
  • SPAN 4469 Afro-Hispanic Literature and Culture (3)
  • SPAN 4470 Special Topics in Latin American Literature (in Spanish) (3)
  • SPAN 4480 Special Topics in Hispanic Culture (3)

Other courses can also be considered, depending on the professor and content of the course. There are several Anthropology courses (ANTH prefix), for example, taught by faculty in the Department of Anthropology, who teach courses with significant Latin American content (see courses taught by Dr. Jeffrey Glover, Dr. Nicola Sharrat, Dr. Cassandra White, and Dr. Bethany Turner). Please consult with the program coordinator to determine if a course not listed above is appropriate for the minor.

ANTH 4040 Race, Class, and Gender in Global Perspective
ANTH 4170 Mesoamerican Archaeology
ANTH 4530 Ancient Cities