EDRD 4450 Concepts and Methods for Reading in Middle Childhood Education
Credit Hours 3.0
Prerequisites Students must complete all Area G.1 and Area G.2 courses
Corequisites EDCI 4650, EDCI 4600, EDRD 4600, EDMT 4460, EDRD 4450, EDSC 4470, or EDSS 4480

Provides the pedagogical content knowledge necessary for effective middle grades instruction in reading. Procedures for planning, implementing, and reflecting on reading instruction are applied in a school setting, including planning and managing of classroom literacy events based on assessment information. Additional emphases include a supervised classroom experience where students (1) examine ways of recording, analyzing, and using assessment information in daily classroom instruction; and (2) consider cultural, psychological, social, and political issues associated with traditional ability groups and design alternative approaches to ability grouping that meet students’ needs.