SLIP 3010 Introduction to Interpreting
Credit Hours 3.0
Prerequisites SLIP 3100, SLIP 3100L, and SLIP 3115, each with a C or higher
Corequisites SLIP 4010, SLIP 4020, and SLIP 4020L

This course is designed to provide an introduction to the profession of interpreting. This course details the ethical and professional responsibilities of the interpreter, the mental process of interpreting, the history of the field, laws related to interpreting, credentials, education, and terminology common to the profession.

SLIP 4020 ASL to English I
Credit Hours 3.0
Prerequisites SLIP 3100, SLIP 3100L, and SLIP 3115,each with a C or higher
Corequisites SLIP 3010, SLIP 4010, andSLIP 4020L

In this course students translate and consecutively interpret discourse from American Sign Language to English. Instruction includes analysis of the text, understanding dynamic message equivalence, restructuring, and judging appropriateness when translating or interpreting consecutively.

SLIP 4025L Interpreting Lab III
Credit Hours 1.0
Prerequisites  SLIP 3010, SLIP 3115, SLIP 4010, SLIP 4020, and SLIP 4020L, each with a C or higher.
Corequisites SLIP 4025

This is a skills laboratory to accompany SLIP 4025. Assignments are designed to reinforce classroom concepts. Field observation of working interpreters is also included. 

SLIP 4080 Practicum
Credit Hours 6.0
Prerequisites SLIP 4050 and SLIP 4060 with a grade of “C” or higher

This course is a combination of actual interpreting experience under the supervision of an interpreter in the field, voluntary interpreting, interpreter observation, and a classroom seminar. The seminar includes discussion, role play and situational assessments based on student experiences in the field. Emphasis is placed on the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf Code of Professional Conduct and its application in real-life scenarios. Students must complete all assigned interpreting hours and pass a comprehensive test of ASL/English interpreting skill.