3235 Entertainment Media Management

Program Offered:

  • Interdisciplinary Minor in¬†Entertainment Media Management

Creative Media Industries Institute

David Cheshier, director

The interdisciplinary Entertainment Media Management minor prepares students for a variety of management-related careers in the entertainment and music industries. The curriculum is founded on a basic knowledge of business administration, contracts, intellectual property issues, event management, artist management, marketing, promotion and branding basics. The minor would prepare students to work in a range of capacities in artist management, concert promotion, music publishing, recording, publicity and marketing/promotion firms. Graduates will leave with an understanding of the distinctiveness of the entertainment business and will be prepared to enter this rapidly changing and multifaceted world.

Interdisciplinary Minor in Entertainment Media Management

Recommended Courses for Area A-F

Students should enter the Entertainment Media Management minor having taken course prerequisites needed for entrance into their planned program of study. Below is a list of courses that are common prerequisites for courses in the Entertainment Media Management.

Required Courses for the Interdisciplinary Minor (15-18 hours)

Students pursuing the interdisciplinary minor in Entertainment Media Management must take five courses, with at least one from each of three areas: Media Industry/Law/Policy, Marketing and Promotion, and Production Perspectives. No more than two of the five courses counting toward the minor can have the same course prefix. Additionally, no more than two of the five courses counting toward the minor may also count toward the major.

Courses in the Media Industry/Law/Policy area survey the contemporary media landscape in terms of ownership, distribution structures, and intellectual property/regulation issues. Marketing and Promotion Courses equip the student with the basic tools to analyze entertainment markets and publicize media properties. Production Perspectives courses allow the student to briefly engage in media production in order to better understand how to interact with media creative personnel.

Media Industry/Law/Policy

  • ART 4600 Directed Studies: Gallery Management and Artist Representation
  • [FILM 4800] Film and Media Industries (3)
  • JOUR 3060 Communication Law and Regulation (3)
  • MK 3010 Marketing Management (3)
  • MTM 3010 Introduction to the Music Industry (3)
  • MTM 3050 Legal Aspects of the Music Industry (3)
  • MTM 3300 Copyright and Music Publishing (3)
  • MTM 3440 Entrepreneurship in the Music Industry (2)
  • MTM 3450 Artist Representation (2)

Marketing and Promotion

  • ENGL 3120 Digital Writing and Publishing (3)
  • FLME 4156 Media Entrepreneurship (4)
  • JOUR 3500 Public Relations Techniques (3)
  • JOUR 4610 Applied Graphic Communication
  • JOUR 4770 Media Management and Marketing (3)
  • MGS 4110 Analysis of Business Data (3)
  • MGS 4590 Entrepreneurship Field Study (3)
  • MK 3010 Marketing Management (3)
  • MK 4100 Buyer Behavior (3)
  • MK 4200 Marketing Research (3)
  • MTM 3020 Promotion of Recorded Music (3)
  • MTM 3030 Marketing and Branch Distribution in the Music Industry (3)

Production Perspectives