HIST 2200 Women in American History
Credit Hours 3.0

This course will examine the historical development of the United States of America from colonial times to the present with special reference to the contributions of women. The course will review changes in feminism, gender, and the Constitution of the United States, i.e., the 19th amendment, the Suffragettes, their relationship to abolition and other feminist campaigns. This course includes an analysis of the social and economic disparity between women and men, women’s roles within state, local, and federal governments, their intellectual, cultural, and social interaction in the larger society. It explores the issues of women in major ethnic groups in the United States, and interaction of women within and outside each group. Topics include colonial women, frontier women, progressivism, unions, birth control, discrimination, sectional conflict from the perspective of women, WWII, Rosie the Riveter, Vietnam, the modern industrial complex, globalization, and urban demographic patterns as they relate to the lives of women.