3183 Chinese Studies

Program Offered:

  • Interdisciplinary  Minor in Chinese Studies

Andrew Wedeman, Program Coordinator

Program Degree Requirements

Interdisciplinary Minor in Chinese Studies

The Chinese Studies minor gives undergraduates in a wide variety of majors the opportunity to take an interdisciplinary set of courses that can combine social sciences, humanities, language, and other disciplines relating to China and Chinese culture. The minor thus provides students with the opportunity to highlight their area studies background and prepares them for higher-level studies on China, Chinese culture and language. Chinese studies minors are highly encouraged to participate in a study abroad program either in China or Hong Kong.

Students who wish to minor in Chinese Studies should complete 15 credit hours including at least nine credit hours at the 3000 level or above. Students must complete at least 6 hours in a CHIN course and may obtain credit for no more than two courses from a single other course prefix. A grade of C or higher is required in all minor courses.

Current courses available for the minor include:

CHIN 1002 Elementary Chinese II (3) (if not counted in core Area C)
CHIN 2001 Intermediate Chinese I (3) (if not counted in core Area C)
CHIN 2002 Intermediate Chinese Ii (3) (if not counted in core Area C)
CHIN 3001 Advanced Chinese I
CHIN 3002 Advanced Chinese II
CHIN 3080 Topics in Chinese Studies (CTW)
CHIN 3081 Cultural Dimensions of Language Learning (CTW)
CHIN 3395 Study Abroad (3)
CHIN 3396 Study Abroad (3)
CHIN 3397 Study Abroad (3)
CHIN 4995 Directed Readings B.I.S-CTW (3-4)
HIST 3700 China and Japan To 1600 (4)
HIST 3710 China and Japan Since 1600 (4)
HIST 4890 Topics In World History (3-4) (if China-related)
POLS 4257 Chinese Politics (3)
POLS 4290 Studies In Comparative Politics (if China-related) (3)
POLS 4465 China In the International System (3)
POLS 4490 Studies In International Relations (if China-related) (3)
POLS 4900 Senior Seminar – CTW (if China-Related) (3)
POLS 4920 Directed Reading And Research (if China-related) (3)
PT 3660 Comp & Alternative Therapies (3)
PT 4130 Tai Chi: Therapeutic Exercise (3)
PT 4140 Tai Chi- Therapeutic Exercise (3)
RELS 4615/PHIL 4615 Buddhism (3)
RELS 4620/PHIL 4620 Confucianism and Taoism (3)
RELS 4622 Classical Chinese Philosophy (3)
RELS 4628 Topics In Asian Religion (if China-related) (3)