3550 Teacher Preparation Programs

The social science departments of the College of Arts and Sciences offer three different pre-education tracks:

  • Bachelor of Arts in African-American Studies (Section 3090)
  • Bachelor of Arts in History (Section 3320)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (Section 3470)

Students interested in a career in pre-education are encouraged to consult these sections of this catalog.

The pre-education programs in these departments are for students who plan to teach social studies at the high school level. To be certified to teach, students in this program must complete the initial teacher preparation Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) Program in Social Studies Education in the College of Education (or a similar master’s level initial preparation program at another university).

Physics B.S. Concentration in Education

The Department of Physics and Astronomy offers an Education Concentration to the Bachelor of Sciences in Physics (Section 3460) that leads to certification to teach physics in grades 6 to 12.

Please refer to the “Teacher Preparation” chapter of this catalog for detailed information on other programs.