3490 Pre-Medical Programs

Three different pre-medical programs offered:

  • Bachelor of Science in Biology with a Pre-Professional/Physiology Concentration (Section 3170)
  • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with a Pre-Medicine Concentration (Section 3180)
  • Bachelor of Science in Physics with a Pre-Medicine Concentration (Section 3460)
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a Pre-Medicine Concentration (Section 3500)

Students interested in a career in medicine are encouraged to consult these sections of this catalog.

Faculty from these departments compose the Premedical Professions Advisory Committee and advise pre-med students. This committee maintains contact with medical schools concerning specific requirements and selection criteria and helps students design specific programs of study for dentistry, medicine, optometry, osteopathic medicine, pharmacy, podiatry, or veterinary medicine. While most premedical students major in biology, chemistry or physics, requirements for admission to medical or dental schools may be met by other majors, provided the requisite science courses are completed.

A student interested in one of these preparatory medical programs should contact the Office of Academic Assistance, 418 Langdale Hall, 404/413-5000. This office serves as a liaison to the Premedical Professions Advisory Committee and maintains pertinent information such as entrance exam applications and other appropriate materials.