3360 Italian Studies

Program Offered:

  • Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies with a Concentration in Italian Studies

The Italian Studies program takes into account the vast influence Italian culture has had on the world and Italy’s continued role in a global cultural and economic context. While emphasizing the need for students to speak fluent Italian, the B.I.S. is interdisciplinary in approach and allows students to concentrate on specific aspects of Italian culture such as music, art, philosophy, history, cinema and politics.

Students of the B.I.S. are highly encouraged to study abroad through Georgia State University’s two programs in Italy – the Summer Study Abroad in Perugia, designed specifically to smooth the transition from intermediate to an advanced level of Italian proficiency, and the Venice Exchange (Ca’Foscari), which allows students to take courses on an Italian campus or at the associated Venice International University and allowing Italian Studies students to gain first-hand understanding of Italian culture and language. For students interested in this program, please contact the faculty coordinator, Dr. Richard Keatley at rekeatley@gsu.edu.

Program Admission

A 2.00 GSU GPA is required in order to apply to the program. Application materials can be obtained from the Office of Academic Assistance (room 418 Langdale Hall; 404/413-5000). Students should apply to the program by the time they have earned 42 credit hours to avoid a delay in graduation.

Program Degree Requirements

Please refer to the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies section 3030.30 of this catalog for academic regulations for this program.

In addition to the Program Degree Requirements, students must fulfill the College of Arts and Sciences Degree Requirements (see section 3030) and the University Degree Requirements (see section 1400).

Courses used to fulfill the two Critical Thinking Through Writing (CTW) courses for each B.I.S. program will not count towards the rules of Area G — no more than three to four 3-4 credit hour courses (12 hours) from a single discipline — nor of Area H — no more than two 3-4 credit hour courses (6-8 hours) can be taken within a single discipline.

B.I.S. with a Concentration in Italian Studies

Area F: Courses Appropriate to the Major (18)

  1. Required Courses (0 to 6) [Students entering with equivalences from earlier studies of Italian should start at the appropriate level. Please consult with Dr. Richard Keatley (rekeatley@gsu.edu) for further information.]
    • ITAL 2001 Intermediate Italian Language I (3)
    • ITAL 2002 Intermediate Italian Language II (3)
  2. Select additional courses to make 18 hours
    • PHIL 2010 Introduction to Philosophy (3)
    • FILM 1010 Film Aesthetics and Analysis (3)
    • FILM 2700 History of Motion Pictures (3)
    • AH 1700 Survey of Art I (3)
    • AH 1750 Survey of Art II (3)
    • HIST 1111 Survey of World History to 1500 (3)
    • HIST 1112 Survey of World History since 1500 (3)
    • HIST 2500 Contemporary World History (3)
    • POLS 2101 Intro to Political Science (3)
    • or any 1000 or 2000 level foreign language in another language.

Area G: Area of Concentration — Italian Studies (27-33 hours)

  1. Italian Language and Literature (select 4 courses: 12 credits)
    • ITAL 3301 Advanced Conversation and Composition (3)
    • ITAL 3302 Introduction to Italian Civilization (3)
    • ITAL 3303 Introduction to the Interpretation of Italian Cultural Expression (3)
    • ITAL 4414 Special Topics in Italian Literature (can be taken more than once as topic changes) (3)
    • ITAL 4999 Directed Readings (can be taken more than once as topic changes) (1-4)
    • Any literature or language course at Ca’ Foscari (each Italian exam will count 3 credits) and courses at Venice International University approved in advance by Program Advisor.
  2. Italian culture, history, art history, and/or cinema. Choose 3-5 courses (9-15 credits):
    • PHIL 3010 History of Western Philosophy I: Ancient and Medieval
    • FILM 4180 International Cinemas (4) (when offered as Italian or European cinema, student must obtain professor’s permission to waive prerequisite)
    • AH 4110 Art and Architecture of Ancient Greece (3)
    • AH 4120 Art and Architecture of Ancient Rome (3)
    • AH 4200 Art and Arch of Middle Ages (3)
    • AH 4320 Italian Renaissance: Age of Humanism (3)
    • AH 4400 Baroque Art (3)
    • HIST 3510 Medieval Europe to 1500 (4)
    • HIST 3520 Early Modern Europe (4)
    • HIST 3530 Europe since 1789 (4)
    • POLS 4240 European Politics (3)
    • POLS 4242 European Union (3)
    • Any humanities courses taken at Ca’ Foscari and courses at Venice International University approved in advance by program director.
  3. Required Courses to fulfill CTW requirement (6)
    • ITAL 4995 Directed Readings CTW (To be taken twice with different topics)

Area H: Allied Field — Philosophy, Literary and/or Language Studies (15-21 credits with a maximum of 6 hours in any one department)

Area J: Electives

Electives are used to build the hours in Areas G-J to 60 hours, have 39 hours at Georgia State University taken at the 3000-4000 level for residency, and complete 120 hours required for graduation.