3250 Ethics

Program Offered:

  • Minor in Ethics

Department of Philosophy
34 Peachtree Street, Suite 1100

George Rainbolt, Chair
Eddy Nahmias, Director of Undergraduate Studies

Ethical conduct is a vitally important part of any good life. There is a growing recognition that ethical behavior cannot be assumed. It often requires an education about how to act ethically. The minor in Ethics does not seek to transform students into ethical people. Instead, it seeks to give them the skills and knowledge needed to confront the ethical dilemmas of life and work in a thoughtful and critical manner. The minor is designed to a complement to any major. Students with a major in business, education, the natural sciences, the social sciences, or the health and human sciences are particularly encouraged to consider a minor in Ethics.

Program Degree Requirements

In addition to the Program Degree Requirements, students must fulfill the College of Arts and Sciences Degree Requirements (see section 3030) and the University Degree Requirements (see section 1400).

Minor in Ethics

Select 15 semester hours from the following courses:

The following courses may count towards the Ethics minor with the advance approval of the Director of Undergraduate Studies. No courses will be approved after the mid-point of the semester of the course.