3240 Environmental Science

Program Offered:

  • Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies in Environmental Science

This program focuses on scientific components of environmental issues by integrating courses from anthropology, biology, chemistry, geography, and geology. This concentration emphasizes a broad-based understanding of the environment, while providing for the development of an emphasis in one of the areas. For students interested in the program, please contact the faculty coordinator, Dr. Robert Maxwell , at 404/413-5342 .

Program Admission

A 2.0 Georgia State University GPA is required in order to apply to the program. Application materials can be obtained from the Office of Academic Assistance, 418 Langdale Hall, 404/413-5000. Students should apply to the program by the time they have earned 42 credit hours to avoid a delay in graduation.

Program Degree Requirements

Please refer to the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies section 3030.30 of this catalog for academic regulations for this program.

In addition to the Program Degree Requirements, students must fulfill the College of Arts and Sciences Degree Requirements (see section 3030) and the University Degree Requirements (see section 1400).

Courses used to fulfill the two Critical Thinking Through Writing (CTW) courses for each B.I.S. program will not count towards the rules of Area G — no more than three to four 3-4 credit hour courses (12 hours) from a single discipline — nor of Area H — no more than two 3-4 credit hour courses (6-8 hours) can be taken within a single discipline.

B.I.S. in Environmental Science

Area A: Essential Skills (9)

Required Course:

  • MATH 1113 Precalculus (3) (or any higher-level mathematics course)

Area D: Science, Mathematics, and Technology (11)

  1. Required Laboratory Science Sequence:
  2. Math (3) Any one math not taken in Area A from the following choices: Math 1070, 1220, 2211, 2212 (or any higher level math). For any four credit-hour course, three hours are applied to Area D and one credit hour is applied to Area F.

Area F: Courses Appropriate to the Major (18)

  1. Required Courses:
  2. Required Courses:
  3. Two hour elective at 1000-2000 level chosen in consultation with faculty adviser.

Area G: Area of Concentration — Foundations of  Environmental Science (27-33 Hours)

No more than 12 credit hours can come from a single discipline.

1. Required of all BIS Environmental Science majors (18 hours)

  • GEOG 4644 Environmental Conservation (4)
  • GEOG 4648 Biogeography (4)
  • PMAP 3011 Policy & Politics in the American City (3)
  • PMAP 3021 Citizenship, The Community, & The Public Sector(3)
  • BIOL 3820 Plant Biology (3) (consult with faculty advisor prior to registration)
  • BIOL 3840 Animal Biology (3)  (consult with faculty advisor prior to registration)

2. CTW Course – Students must take two CTW courses appropriate to the program (4-6 Hours).

As CTW courses are created, further options may be available.  Consult with your faculty advisor for current and appropriate CTW courses.

4. Electives in the Environmental Science Concentration (select up to 9 hours) Consult with your faculty advisor for course selection.

Area H: Allied Field- Environmental Science in Context (15-21 Hours)

Students may select up to 8 hours from a single discipline.  Up to nine hours can be chosen from elective courses listed in area G (Foundations of Environmental Science).   Remaining courses come from the following focal topics:

1.  Activism and Social Focus

2. Communications Focus

3.  Cultural and Historical Focus

4. Geosciences Focus

5. Life Science Focus

6. Policy Focus Focus

7.  Urban Focus

Seminars, Directed Studies and Internships:  Various departments across GSU offer senior level courses that are not tied to traditional lectures and labs.  These courses can be applied as credit toward the degree under AREA H with permission of your faculty BIS coordinator.  To be approved, the student must bring the proposed seminar schedule, directed studies topic which has been approved by the overseeing faculty member, or details on the internship.

Area J: Electives

Electives are used to build the hours in Areas G-J to 60 hours, have 39 hours at Georgia State University taken at the 3000-4000 level for residency, and complete 120 hours required for graduation