BRFV 4380 (TE) Methods for Infants and Toddlers
Credit Hours 4.0
Prerequisites EDUC 2300

Teacher candidates will develop knowledge and skills in planning and implementing developmentally appropriate activities in a flexible and supportive learning environment for children birth through 36 months of age. Teacher candidates will use instructional methods and materials based on knowledge of child, family, community, and curricular goals. Topics include application of brain and attachment research, how infants learn, and how caregivers can use routines to provide individual, respectful, and responsive care to support optimum social/emotional, cognitive, and physical development of children, birth to age 18 months; promoting the development of toddlers. sense of self, building teaching relationships with toddlers, socialization and guidance in toddler years, facilitation of language development, toilet learning. DECAL standards for 0-3 will be explored. (Includes field experience).