Appendix I Course Descriptions

Undergraduate courses offered by Georgia State University are listed in this section in alphabetical prefix order and course name.

Course Subjects

3DS Three-dimensional Studies

AAS African-American Studies

ACCT Accounting

AE Art Education

AH Art History

AL Applied Linguistics

ANTH Anthropology

ARBC Arabic


AS Actuarial Science

ASTR Astronomy

BCOM Business Communication

BIOL Biology

BRFV Birth Through Five

BUSA Business Administration Ugrad

BA Business Administration Grad

CHEM Chemistry

CHIN Chinese

CIS Computer Information Systems

CLAS Classical Studies

CPS Counseling & Psychological Services

CRJU Criminal Justice

CSC Computer Science

DPP Drawing, Painting, Printmaking

ECE Early Childhood Education

ECON Economics

EDBT Education/Business Technology

EDCI Education/Curriculum & Instruction

EDLA Language Arts Education

EDMT Mathematics Education

EDRD Reading Education

EDSC Science Education

EDSS Social Studies Education

EDUC Education

ENGL English

EPRS EPS/Research

EPY Educational Psychology

EXC Exceptional Children

FI Finance


FOLK Folklore

FORL Foreign Language

FREN French

GEOG Geography

GEOL Geology

GERO Gerontology

GRD Graphic Design

GRKA Ancient Greek

GRKM Modern Greek

GRMN German

GSU New Student Orientation

HA Health Administration

HADM Hospitality Administration

HBRB Biblical Hebrew

HBRM Modern Hebrew

HHS Health & Human Sciences

HIST History

HON Honors

IB International Business

ID Interior Design

IEP Intensive English Program

ISCI Integrated Sciences

IT Instructional Technology

ITAL Italian

JAPN Japanese

JOUR Journalism

JST Jewish Studies

KH Kinesiology & Health

KORE Korean

LATN Latin


LGLS Legal Studies

MATH Mathematics & Statistics

MES Middle East Studies

MGS Managerial Sciences

MK Marketing

MSL Military Science Leadership

MTM Music Technology Management

MUA Music Appreciation

MUS Music

NEUR Neuroscience

NSCI Natural Sciences

NURS Nursing

NUTR Nutrition

PERS Perspectives

PFP Personal Financial Planning

PH Public Health

PHIL Philosophy

PHOT Photography

PHYS Physics

PMAP Public Management & Policy

POLS Political Science

PORT Portuguese

PRSN Persian

PSYC Psychology

PT Physical Therapy

RE Real Estate

RELS Religious Studies

RMI Risk Management & Insurance

RT Respiratory Therapy

RUSS Russian

SNHP School of Nursing & Health Professions

SOCI Sociology

SPAN Spanish

SPCH Speech

SW Social Work

SWAH Swahili

TEXT Textiles

THEA Theatre

TURK Turkish

WST Women’s Studies


Computer Skills Prerequisites (CSP)
Some courses offered by the Robinson College of Business require any student who enrolls in that course to be proficient with certain computer skills. For a complete description of CSP requirements, please refer to the “J. Mack Robinson College of Business” chapter of this catalog (see section 7000).

A corequisite identifies another course or courses that should be taken concurrently with the listed course. A student who enrolls in a listed course with corequisites must also enroll in those corequisite courses. A student who has previously completed a corequisite course may not need to repeat it; he or she should consult with an academic adviser before registering to determine specific requirements.

Course Credit Hours
The total semester hours of credit for each course are shown in parentheses immediately following the course title.

A prerequisite identifies a course or other requirements that a student must have completed successfully before enrolling in the listed course. Any student who has not met prerequisites for a course may be administratively withdrawn from that course at the discretion of the instructor. It is the policy of some university departments to withdraw automatically any student who enrolls in a course without first meeting its prerequisites.