LAW 7801 Business Arbitration Practicum
Credit Hours 2.0

This course brings together skills and substantive law in an experiential course where students engage in all aspects of a business arbitration proceeding. Students will learn the practice and procedure of business arbitration through a simulated arbitration proceeding. They will represent a claimant in initiating an arbitration from client intake and interviewing through filing a proceeding. Students will also work as defense counsel, interviewing and counseling their clients and answering a proceeding. Students will prepare for and complete a negotiation for either a claimant or a respondent and prepare for an arbitration hearing. Throughout the course, students will engage in best practices for case management and maintain a client file through electronic case management software. Students will receive substantial feedback on their work, including drafts. Participating students will develop valuable lawyering skills, case management procedures and gain experience in alternative dispute resolution methods.