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Health Legislation and Advocacy I

This course is the first of a two-semester sequence. It examines the process by which proposed legislation becomes enacted into law at the state level, including drafting, legislative organization and procedure, ethics and lobbying, and the appropriations process. It will focus on health-related legislation, policy and advocacy. Students will have the opportunity to work with… more »

Health Legislation and Advocacy II

This course is a continuation of Health Legislation and Advocacy I. Under the instructor’s supervision, students will work with their community partners to track proposed health related legislation or policy, provide legal research for use during the General Assembly’s session, prepare testimony, briefings, or other assistance during the session, and work with the relevant legislative… more »

J.D. Curriculum

The curriculum of the College of Law is the same for all students enrolled as candidates for the J.D. In general, the same course offerings will be available whether a student is enrolled in the six-semester program or the nine-semester program, but not necessarily during the same semester. The curriculum is made up of 43… more »