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OT 6140 Clinical Skills for Occupation Based Practice Seminar I
Credit Hours 2.0
Prerequisites Admission to the OTM Program

This course is the first occupation based practice seminar in a four seminar sequence and is an essential element to the first Level 1 Fieldwork experience as it facilitates the integration of information from the didactic component of the OT program to the practical clinical applications in the natural environment with seasoned professionals. The student will participate in approximately 40 hours (over the course of the semester) of supervised client involvement in a variety of settings. This seminar provides for active engagement through directed fieldwork experiences, classroom instruction, and experiential lab activities. Clinical case studies will be used to facilitate clinical reasoning processes and enhance client-centered, occupation-based practice. Students will be introduced to professional socialization, therapeutic use of self, ethical practice and group dynamics. Peer-instruction, active engagement and self-direction are essential aspects of this seminar.