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EPRS 8540 Quantitative Methods and Analysis in Education II
Credit Hours 3.0
Prerequisites EPRS 8530 with a grade of "C" or higher or instructor permission
Requirements A minimum grade of "C" is required for this course

This is the second course in a sequence of three courses (including the core requirement EPRS 8530 and the elective courses EPRS 8540 and EPRS 8550) designed to provide theoretical and applied understandings of quantitative research. In this course, fundamentals of experimental design and quasi-experimental design are built upon for instruction in research designs of more than two populations, designs with more than one independent variable, repeated-measures designs, and the ANOVA techniques appropriate for these designs. Fundamentals of hypotheses testing are extended with the introduction of sampling distributions and power analysis, and this course introduces designs for multiple predictor variables of a single criterion variable. Skills at using SPSS, reviewing research articles, and writing research reports are further developed.