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EDSC 8450 Crosscutting Concepts in the Sciences
Credit Hours 3.0

This course will provide an overview of integrated science content knowledge essential for developing middle and secondary science curriculum. The course will focus on the conceptual understanding of major scientific concepts and themes drawn from the range of natural sciences; biological, earth-space, and physical/chemical sciences. In addition, course activities will include science specific pedagogy as we explore opportunities to make the science content knowledge relevant and appropriate to named grades and to the realization of the vision of science education as described in the Framework for K-12 Science Education (2012), Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (2013), Georgia Standards of Excellence in Science (2017). That is you will learn science content, processes, and practices in order to transform them into meaningful, age appropriate and understandable forms for children. In addition, you will appreciate science as a body of knowledge that explains how our environment works, and as a dynamic quest involving the process of inquiry and science practices.