3126 Advanced Language and Literacy Science

Program Offered:

  • Graduate Certificate in Advanced Language and Literacy Science

The objective of the Advanced Language and Literacy Science (ALLS) graduate certificate is to develop specialized knowledge in advanced language and literacy science with a specific focus on populations who have difficulty with the acquisition of language and literacy skills. These populations include, but not are not limited to: children growing up in poverty in urban contexts, children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, autism, and other neurodevelopmental disorders, children with learning disabilities, children and adults who are deaf and hard of hearing, children and adults with communication impairments, and children and adults developing language and literacy in multilingual environments.

Program Requirements:

The certificate will consist of 18 credit hours. There will be four required courses for a total of 12 credit hours and two electives for a total of 6 credit hours.

  1. Required courses (12)
    • PSYC 9930/EPY 9930 Measurement and Assessment in Advanced Language and Literacy Science (3)
    • PSYC 9920/EPY 9920 Language Development, Disorders and Intervention Research (3)
    • PSYC 9910/EPY 9910 Reading Development, Disorders, and Intervention Research (3)
    • PSYC 9900/EPY 9900 Special Topics: Research in Challenges of Acquiring Language and Literacy (1) (can be taken up to three times)
  2. Select two electives from among the following list (6):
    • ANTH 6090 Language and Culture (3)
    • AL 8530 Issues in Second Language Writing (3)
    • AL 8550 Second Language Evaluation (3)
    • AL 8570 Second Language Reading-Writing Relation (3)
    • AL 8520 Psycholinguistics (3)
    • AL 8980 Current Issues in Secondary Language Acquisition (3)
    • AL 8490 Second Language Reading: Theory and Practice¬†(3)
    • EDRD 8310 Theoretical Models and Processes of Literacy Learning (language, reading, and writing) (3)
    • EPY 8180 Learning in the School Age Child (3)
    • EPY 8960 Adult Literacy (3)
    • EPY 8200 Advanced Developmental Psychology: Cognition and Intellect (3)
    • PSYC 6400 Atypical Development (3)
    • PSYC 8551 Cognitive and Linguistic Development (3)
    • PSYC 9900: Language and the Brain (3)
    • PHIL 6530 Philosophy of Language (3)
    • PHIL 8530 Seminar in Philosophy of Language (3)

Scholastic Discipline Policy

After completing six credit hours and at the end of each term thereafter, certificate students are evaluated for continuation in the program. Evaluation will include meeting academic milestones in their doctoral programs. Unless exceptional circumstances are present, students with a GPA below 3.0 in graduate-level classes will be scholastically terminated from the certificate program.