3290 Latin American Studies

Program Offered:

  • Graduate Certificate in Latin American Studies

Department of World Languages and Cultures
841 Langdale Hall (19th floor, 25 Park Place Bldg. effective summer 2017)
Email: wlcgraduate@gsu.edu

Program Coordinator: Leslie Marsh (llmarsh@gsu.edu).

The Graduate Certificate in Latin American Studies offered by the Center for Latin American and Latino/a Studies (clals.gsu.edu) of Georgia State University attests to the recipient’s knowledge and understanding of Latin American culture, economy, history, and politics, as well as to his or her competence in one or more of the principal languages of the region. Its purpose is to give students a broad knowledge of Latin America that will help prepare them to work or study in Latin America or to work with individuals and groups of Latino or Latin American origin in the United States.

The Certificate is particularly well suited to students pursuing graduate degrees in Anthropology, Art History, Business, History, Modern Languages, Political Science, or Sociology, who have a concentration or a definite interest in Latin American issues or who want to expand their understanding of the region by taking related course work. It is also well suited to individuals who desire to enhance their marketability and skills in relation to a region whose economy and culture have become increasingly important to the United States in recent years. The Certificate may be earned alone or in conjunction with a graduate program in one of the academic departments of Georgia State University; courses included in an academic program may be used for credit toward a Certificate. The GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is not required for acceptance into the Certificate program.

Applicants may obtain additional information about the Graduate Certificate by contacting the coordinator of the program at the addresses above.

Additional Admission Requirements

Admission to the Certificate program is on the basis of:

  1. A BA/BS or graduate degree;
  2. Prior course work indicated in valid transcripts;
  3. A statement of purpose;
  4. Two letters of recommendation;
  5. Competence in Spanish or Portuguese.

Competence is attested by completion of a four-semester sequence of the language at the undergraduate level, by completion of at least one graduate course in Spanish, or by an entrance language exam administered by the Department of World Languages and Cultures. Candidates who have completed the four semester sequence more than three years before applying for admission to the Certificate program will be required to take the entrance language exam. Students should consult with their advisor on how best to fulfill this requirement.

Applicants who are already enrolled in a graduate program at Georgia State University should submit all of the above to:

Director of the Center for Latin American and Latino/a Studies
Department of World Languages and Cultures
Georgia State University
Atlanta, GA 30303-3088

Applicants who are NOT already enrolled in a graduate program at Georgia State University should send a College of Arts and Sciences application, fee, transcripts, statement of purpose and the two letters of recommendation directly to:

Office of Graduate Services
College of Arts and Sciences
Georgia State University
Atlanta, GA 30303-3993

An ad-hoc committee chaired by the Director of CLALS will review the material, decide on admission, and assign an appropriate adviser.

Degree Requirements

The minimum requirements for the Certificate are 15 graduate-level hours (five courses) in courses with a significant Latin American content and a grade of B or better in each course. These courses must be selected from at least three different academic departments and may include, but are not necessarily limited to this list.

The following graduate courses from affiliated departments are eligible for credit toward the Graduate Certificate in Latin American Studies.

  • AH 6630 Pre-Colombian Art (3)
  • AH 6660 Nineteenth and Twentieth-Century Art in Latin America (3)
  • AH 6900 Special Studies Seminar (3) (when the course deals with Latin America)
  • AH 6980 Special Problems (3) (when the course deals with Latin America)
  • COMM 6180 International Cinemas (3) (when the course deals with Latin America)
  • ECON 8600 Economics of Development (3)
  • HIST 8080 Seminar in the International/Transnational History of the United States (4) (when the course deals with Latin America)
  • HIST 8420 Seminar in Latin American History (4) (may be repeated if topics vary)
  • HIST 8660 Case Studies in International Preservation (3) (when the course deals with Latin America)
  • IB 8190 Doing Business in World Regions (3) (when the course deals with Latin America)
  • POLS 8250 Latin American Politics (3)
  • SPAN 6603 Cultural Studies (Latin America)
  • SPAN 8845 Latin American Literature from the Conquest to the 1900s (3)
  • SPAN 8850 The Traditional Latin American Novel (3)
  • SPAN 8855 The Latin American “Boom” Novel (3)
  • SPAN 8860 The Contemporary Latin American Novel (3)
  • SPAN 8865 Latin American Short Story (3)
  • SPAN 8870 Latin American Poetry (3)
  • SPAN 8875 Women Writers (3)
  • SPAN 8885 Special Topics in Latin American Literature and/or Culture (3) (may be repeated)
  • SPAN 8890 Contemporary Mexican Fiction (3)