EXC 6661 Practicum I: Special Education General Education Curriculum: Consultative
Credit Hours 3.0
Prerequisites Admission to Behavior/Learning Disabilities Program and EXC 4010

This field-based experience is the first of two required practica for students seeking initial licensure in special education. This practicum provides students with an opportunity to develop and practice skills in delivering instruction and assessment with students who have mild disabilities. Practicum requirements may be completed on the job for those students who are currently employed as a classroom teacher in an approved setting. Students not employed by an approved school will be placed by the program. They will be required to proof of tort liability coverage and have completed a criminal background check through the College of Education Office of Academic Assistance. Students complete the requirements for this practicum with a supervising teacher in a public school setting. The placement requires 15-20 hours per week in classroom settings working with students with mild disabilities. This course requires additional assignement(s) beyond those at the initial level. (Repeatable, once).