EDB 9020 Philosophy & Practice of Science & Research
Credit Hours 3.0

This course explores the philosophy of science, different modes of inquiry that exist, and various epistemological perspectives including positivist, interpretativist, and critical research. Concepts of rigor and relevance are discussed along with implications for conducting research that can inform practice. The course also serves to provide an overview and roadmap of the EDB research process. Understanding the research process and identifying a personal research domain is a critical first step toward transforming oneself from a practitioner to a practitioner-scholar. Within that context, one of the chief aims of the course is helping students to identify and develop a personal research domain that will sustain their interest through the duration of the EDB program. Students will gain the skills needed to conduct a literature review and to conceptualize an issue or research question that resonates with practitioners. Inductive, interpretive modes of research will be introduced.