6000 College of Law


In September 1982, the College of Law began operation on the Georgia State University downtown campus. The college, which offers conventional first-year law courses to both day and evening students, enrolled a first-year class of about 200 students. Second- and third-year classes now complete a student body of about 675 students.

The College of Law makes a quality legal education as accessible as possible, both to traditional students and to the large number of qualified and motivated individuals whose present occupations would prevent them from pursuing a traditional, full-time law program. The College of Law thus maintains, in addition to our conventional program, an affirmative attitude toward part-time law study. The college views the part-time program as an attractive and equally respectable alternative for many applicants. We believe the ability to choose between programs provides students with a flexibility that is an exceptional strength of the college.

With this in mind, our faculty helps all of our students gain knowledge of the law, of legal institutions and of legal processes. This knowledge will become progressively more important to our students’ upward movement, both vocationally and avocationally.

The College of Law is committed to providing an excellent, affordable, and distinctive legal education to a diverse student body; to promoting legal scholarship and service that enrich the legal profession and the communities we serve; and to capitalize on the unique environment in which we are located.


The College of Law is accredited by the American Bar Association and is a member of the Association of American Law Schools.


  • Admissions – 302 Urban Life Center, 404/413-9200
  • General Information – 302 Urban Life Center, 404/413-9000
  • Law Library – 100 Urban Life Center, 404/413-9100
  • Career Services – 145 Urban Life Center, 404/413-9070
  • Office of the Dean – 422 Urban Life Center, 404/413-9035


  • Steven Kaminshine, Dean and Professor of Law
  • Roy Sobelson, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Law
  • Kelly Cahill Timmons, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Law
  • Chip Hill, Assistant Dean of Administration and Finance
  • Ken Walsh, Director, Administrative Services
  • Cheryl George, Director, Admissions
  • Ely Abbott, Director of Development
  • Vickie Brown, Director, Career Services
  • Wendy Cromwell, Director of Communications
  • Lin Inlow, Director, Education and Mediation, CNCR
  • Patricia Rackliffe, Registrar

Academic Calendar

The College of Law observes an academic calendar different from the academic calendar observed by Georgia State’s other colleges and schools as follows To view the College of Law’s Academic Calendar visit the following webpage: law.gsu.edu/registrar/bulletin/.

Admission and Program Requirements

Admissions policies, program policies and requirements, and financial aid resources for the College of Law are maintained on the college’s website at law.gsu.edu. Please visit the site for further information on the College of Law.